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Impacting Health Outcomes for Hard-to-Reach Members Requires a Foundation of Trust

Reema is changing the way people access and navigate health care and social care one dual eligible member at a time. By bringing together a balanced approach of technology and true community-based outreach, we significantly improve health care experiences, leading to higher member engagement and an overall reduced costs of care.

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Identifying unmet social needs for health plan members can be challenging, particularly when reaching out to dual eligible members who are hard to engage. Traditional outreach methods often yield poor results with this population, making it difficult for even the most innovative health plans to connect with these members. 


One of the largest health plans in America partnered with Reema to engage their previously unreachable dual eligible population. Through a multi-channel engagement approach using tech-enabled Community Guides, Reema was able to reach members in a way that the health plan couldn’t on its own. Leading to big results with measurable impact.

We reach dual eligible members through channels that work for their personal preferences, whether that be phone calls, texts, or face-to-face engagement—we meet members where they are, and how they want to be reached.

Why Community Guides?

Reema’s Community Guides are hired from local communities and play a critical role in successful engagement and resource navigation because they can build relationships with members through shared identity, language, and familiarity with the community. Our Guides are neighbors and community members that work tirelessly to bridge the gap between unmet needs and the resources that can meet those needs to improve health outcomes.

A Balanced Approach to Better Care

Reema’s technology optimizes the Community Guide experience, allowing them to work with members to identify and navigate resources quickly. Additionally, Guides help connect members into various health plan initiatives and programs, introducing them to additional plan benefits they may not have known existed. Which is a win:win for both members and plans.


The primary goal of this program was to engage members this health plan had categorized as unreachable, then connect them with resources to improve their health. As a result of Reema’s efforts we were able to achieve:

After establishing and sustaining engagement with these members, Reema also succeeded in activating these newly engaged members into additional programs through the health plan, resulting in a 40% complete rate for no not contact, refusal, and otherwise unreachable members.

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