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Our Mission

Transforming how people navigate the gaps between health care and social care

At Reema, we believe that a personalized, community-based approach to care makes it easier for anyone to access the things they need to make their lives better.

We know that life’s challenges often exist because the systems built to help are a burden to navigate. We believe building a relationship with a real person — someone who listens, meets members where they are, and understands the community’s resources — can ease those burdens.

Our Values

  • We Are Curious
    “Before I start building or working on anything, I like to understand the problem we’re tackling, the motivation behind solving it, and why it takes priority. My strategy is one familiar to 5 year olds: keep asking why.”

    —Daniel Martelly, Engineering
    Reemate since December 2021
  • We Have a Passion for the People We Serve
    “I am passionate about helping our community members live their best and healthiest lives. Members are the driving force of our program, Reema empowers me every day to meet members where they are at, and become part of their support system.”

    —Jessica Munoz, Care Team
    Reemate since April 2021
  • We Are Eager to Learn and Adapt
    "Keeping up with new ideas in data science and beyond feels daunting some days, but I have found so many nuggets of gold worth learning and trying out that I continue to look. Ultimately, the tools and insights gained help real people get access to the things they need. That's motivation enough!"

    —Sam Terfa, Data Team
    Reemate since February 2021
  • We Are Kind and Inclusive
    "Being kind and inclusive at Reema means that everyone is welcome at the table to share their ideas and real-life experiences. Reema hires directly from the communities that we serve, ensuring we have kind, compassionate individuals that serve the community our Reemates reside in."

    —Daniel Marcus, Flex Team
    Reemate since May 2021
  • We Take Ownership of Our Work
    “Taking ownership is important to me in both the work I do and relationships I form at Reema. Meaningful progress is a result of recognizing and communicating about both strengths and challenges and owning the next steps to take with that information.”

    —Mallory Aud, Growth
    Reemate since September 2022

Justin’s Story

Growing up, I saw my single mom struggle to pay rent, find a job, and get healthcare. Luckily, we had extended family to rely on, but the experience shaped me: what would have happened if someone hadn’t been there to support us?

When I began working in healthcare, I saw how the institutions built to help aren’t just inconvenient, they’re often biased against the people who need help the most.

But I found I wasn’t alone. Others saw the gaps and flaws in the system too. So, we built Reema. And now we’re bridging the gap between people and the social safety nets in their communities so that everyone has access to the support they need.

Justin Ley, Reema Founder

Work Where it Matters

Reema isn't just an awesome place to work, it's a place to make a difference. We've created an environment and culture where your voice matters and where you'll feel your impact on real lives in the community.
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