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How We Help

  • Loneliness
    Don’t have the mental energy to get through the day? We're here to chat.
  • Transportation
    Need help getting to the doctor, the grocery store, or even work? We’ll find a ride.
  • Specialized Care
    Text us and we’ll help find a doctor, cover medications, and get you the right care.
  • Food Security
    Our Guides can get you to a store, pay for groceries, or find a warm meal tonight.
  • Housing
    Need to find a place to live or help paying utilities bills? Our Guides can find solutions.
  • Employment
    We’ll help you find a job, navigate workplace issues, or advance in your current role.

Guiding Members to Better Health

Reema’s Tech-Enabled Community Approach

Combining public data with our proprietary engagement data, Reema's data engine anticipates which members may become high-risk. Our Guides use that data to strategically intervene and head off costly care by engaging the unengaged in the right way and over time to change lives and improve outcomes. The result? Dramatically better health outcomes.
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